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PressorDex: Critical Care Medications Guide, 5th ed.

PressorDex: Critical Care Medications Guide, 5th ed.

EMRA's PressorDex: A Guide to Critical Care Medications is a comprehensive on-shift therapeutic guide to pressors, vasoactive drugs, continuous infusions, and other treatments for critically ill patients. It provides quick access to essential information, including drug classifications, indications, side effects, and interactions. With its user-friendly format, it is easy to navigate and use, even during the busiest shift. The guide includes clear and concise drug profiles, dosing recommendations, and administration guidelines. It also includes helpful reminders and tips for safe and effective care. Whether you are a physician, nurse, or paramedic, EMRA's PressorDex is an essential tool for managing critically ill patients. It helps you make informed decisions, reduce medication errors, and improve patient outcomes.

New in this edition: postpartum hemorrhage, updated recommendations based on new Surviving Sepsis, AHA, and other international guidelines

• Cross-referenced index of critical care medications
• Comparison of vasoactive agents
• Quick-reference tables for sedation and paralytics
• Updated, peer-reviewed guidance throughout
• Developed and overseen by emergency medicine, critical care medicine specialists, and pharmacists

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